Parents' Comments

2nd November 2015

Thank you to everyone who completed a Parent/Carer questionnaire. Feed-back was very positive, with all areas attaining a satisfaction score of 98% or above.

At the end of the questionnaire respondents were asked to name one thing they particularly liked about St. Vincent’s. Here is a selection of some of the comments the school received: 


"I appreciate the way the school involves the parents in the development of their children’s academic progress.”

“Everyone is friendly and approachable.”

“The headteacher is always around conversing with the parents in the yard…I think this school is great.”

Teaching and Learning:

 "The progress that my children have made due to the teaching they receive.”

“The education is outstanding.”

“Teaching: I feel my children are doing so well thanks to the support they get from teachers.”

“They (staff) are always there to help and bring out the best for all children.”

“There are plenty of After-School Clubs for the children, such as cooking, which is very good as it teaches the children to be independent…Also it (school) is very well disciplined.”

“School activities, like school clubs and discos, make a profound social impact on students at all levels.”

“The lessons in different religions and languages can only help my child at this age.”

“It offers great variety…more advanced children have the chance to work at more challenging levels.”


“How focused the school is on the children’s well-being…No other school like it!”

“…good morals and it does traditional things…the school actually seems to care about the kids.”

“The children work hard to improve their social skills during school and in After-School Clubs”.

“Children are praised well when they achieve.” 

 Parental Confidence:

“I think this is a lovely, close-knit school.”

“…the support we receive is superb.”

“The way each and every kid is paid particular attention to. This is very difficult to achieve in any school but St. Vincent’s does this effectively.”

“I love the closeness of the school and how everyone knows everybody.”

“I think they are like one big family, therefore, my child feels safe there.”