Meet the Team

Our Staff 
We have an experienced and dedicated group of teachers, classroom assistants and administrators who strive to create a supportive, exciting and challenging atmosphere to engage, inspire and nurture all our pupils.
From September 2021:
Chair of Governors   Mr Willcock    
Headteacher   Ms Ness    
Deputy Headteacher   Miss McDonnell    
Assistant Headteacher   Mrs Burdon    
Teachers     Intervention Team        Classroom Support
Reception Miss McDonnell   SENco   Miss Husband    Nursery Nurse   Mrs Wight
Year 1 Miss Womphrey   HLTA    Mrs Watson   HLTA Miss Laidler
Year 2 Miss Willis   HLTA   Mrs Machane   TA Mrs Gates
Year 2 Miss Grant   Home Support   Ms Lashley   TA Miss Wilson
Year 3 Mr Vickers   Psychotherapist   Ms Lambie   TA Miss Szelajac
Year 4 Miss Hilldrith   PE Coach   Mr Wiley   TA Mrs Baker
Year 5 Miss Henderson           TA Mrs Montero
Year 6 Mrs Burdon   Administration    
Year 6 Mr Smith   Admin Assistant   Mrs Bates   Site Management
    Admin Assistant   Mrs Campbell   Caretaker Mr Mills
              Cleaner Mrs Duffy
Catering     Lunchtime Support    Cleaner Miss Lowery
Cook Mrs Reay    Assistants    Mrs Purvis    Miss Kelly  
Assistant Mrs Hawman       Mrs Douthwaite    Mrs Usher  
Assistant Mrs Lamb       Mrs Scouler    Miss Garner  
          Mrs Wombwell      

 There are no school employees with a gross annual salary of £100,000 or more.