"Real School Guide"

15th January 2016
St. Vincent's has made fantastic progress over the last two years and it's very rewarding to see our hard work recognised in The Evening Chronicle's "Real School Guide". When I arrived at St. Vincent's the school was ranked 12,965th in the national  primary schools' league table, but within just one year we had moved up 4,061 places. The Evening Chronicle has just published its latest survey and St. Vincent's has climbed higher again: we are now ranked the 5,942nd primary school in England. That's an amazing jump of 7,023 places in just two years!
"The Real School Guide" also tells us that locally we are now ranked 30th amongst Newcastle Primary Schools, which means we have shot up 29 places on the local league table. 
This is a great success story and is something we must all celebrate.  
Ms. Ness