It's time to learn!

February 2021
I hope you had a restful and relaxing half-term holiday. 
It's now time to get back to Home Learning: you know the routine. Work hard, always do your very best and say your prayers. Remember to join your teacher and classmates at the weekly Zoom get-together and don't forget to email your teacher with any questions you might have about your school work.
God bless,
Ms Ness
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<<< then click on today's date
Congratulations to our Home Learning Superstars: Rachel (Y6), Mason (Y5), Emmanuel (Y4), Neivie (3), Lena (Y2), Filip (Y1) and Nime (Rec). They have all been sent a £10 book token. 
Your teacher is looking for their next Home Learning Superstar. It could be you! 
Your teacher has set Busy Things tasks for you to complete. Here are the instructions:
1.  Log in using your username
2. Click on your class
3. Click on your name
4. Enter your picture passcode (sent by text on Monday morning)
5. Complete assignments in 'My Assignments'
6. Complete activities in 'My Activities'
Please email your teacher (using the class email) if you have forgotten your log-in details for:
x-Tables Rockstars 
Bug Club
Busy Things
Your teacher will phone you this week: 
Monday        pm Year 1
Tuesday     am Year 5   pm Year 3
Thursday    am  Year 4   pm  Year 6
Friday    am  Rec   pm Year 2
Your Zoom Get-Together is on:
Monday  1pm Year 3   2pm Rec
Tuesday  1pm Year 6      
Wednesday  1pm Year 1   2pm Year 2
Thursday 1pm Year 5      
Friday  1pm Year 4      
Zoom passcodes will be texted on the day.
Remember that you can email your teacher, with the help of an adult, at anytime to ask for help.