It's time to work!

Dear Pupils,
We miss you all terribly but you are in our thoughts and prayers every day.
During this odd and unusual time when you must stay at home, it is very important that you continue to exercise both your body and your brain. Not only have you taken maths and English workbooks home, but your teachers have created online tasks for you to do at home too. 
For this week, beginning Monday 30th March, each year group has 5 science tasks to complete - that's 1 each day. It might be a good idea to complete your maths and English work in the morning and then tackle the science task in the afternoon: just like we do at school.
Don't forget to read a book every day. 
It's equally important to squeeze-in some physical exercise: have you spotted the P.E. work-outs with Joe Hicks? Have fun getting fit in the living room, but remember to move any breakables out of the way first! 
I will upload more lesson tasks for you next week (history and geography) and then, if we're still off school, you will receive new work-books after the Easter holiday. 
Stay safe, stay well and God bless,
Ms Ness