It's time to work!

1st June 2020
Dear Pupils,
I hope you all had a lovely week's holiday and feel refreshed and ready to open-up your school books again. Sunday was Pentecost Sunday, when we celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit. I've attached a fun video of one of our favourite hymns so you and your family can sing-along in celebration too.  
This week, it is important that you collect your new workbooks from school: please see the pick-up schedule. Not only will you collect a new English and maths book, but we've got some super science, history and geography books for you to take home too. Indeed, it's going to be a busy half-term. 
Your teachers have create new R.E. worksheets for you: you have 2 weeks to complete them. 
Here is a daily timetable for you to follow:
08:59 Sit quietly, close your eyes and say the class morning prayer. "Oh my God, you love me..."
09:00 Times-table Rockstars for 15 minutes
09:15 Maths workbooks
10:15 Take-a-break: move about a little, have a drink of water and possibly a piece of fruit
10:30 English workbooks
11:30 KS1/Rec Story Comprehension/KS2 Bug Club/For everyone - read a book
12:00 Lunch time
13:00 R.E.
13:45 Go to the Catholic Life tab on our website and watch the videos from our 'Year of Saints'
14:00 Take-a-break: move about a little, have a drink of water and possibly a piece of fruit
14:15 Talk for Writing #2/Reading Comprehension
14:45 Complete any work you have not yet finished
15:00 Letterjoin handwriting practise
15:14 Sit quietly, close your eyes and say the  end of day prayer. "God our father, we come to say..."
15:15 Pat yourself on the back and put your work away
Please send your teacher an email this week to let them know about your week's holiday and let them know how you are getting along:
On Friday, after watching all the videos on the Catholic Life page of our website, send your teacher an email to tell them who your favourite saint is and why. I'll tell you who mine is next week. 
Work hard, stay safe, stay well and God bless.
Best wishes from,
Ms Ness