It's time to learn!

January 2021
Dear Pupils,
I'm sorry that you are unable to come to school but it is important that you are kept safe at home for the time-being.  As you are not unwell, it is important that you follow the timetable set for you and complete the school work your teacher has prepared.  
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Try to make time for you and a trusted adult to explore 'Busy Things' and have fun playing the  fantastic games. Your log-in code will be sent by text and here's the link:
Please email your teacher (using the class email) if you have forgotten your log-in details for:
x-Tables Rockstars 
Bug Club
Your teacher will phone you next week to see how you are getting along. It might be helpful to have your maths and English workbooks with you.
Monday 11th am Year 6   pm Year 1
Tuesday 12th am Rec   pm Year 3
Wednesday 13th       pm Year 5
Thursday 14th       pm Year 4
Friday 15th       pm Year 2
Remember that you can email your teacher, with the help of an adult, at anytime to ask for help. 
Good luck and God bless.
Ms Ness