Free School Meal Vouchers

Dear Parent/Carer,
Summer holiday Free School Meal (FSM) vouchers have been ordered for the 108 pupils at St. Vincent's eligible for a benefits-related FSM.
One voucher will be issued to cover the seven weeks of the summer break, that's £105 per child (7 x 15). Your FSM voucher will be sent via email, as usual, on Monday 20th July. If you usually receive your voucher by post, you will need to collect your summer FSM voucher from the school. Please telephone in advance to arrange a time to do this.
Please Note: the summer FSM voucher is valid for 1 month. However, like a giftcard, you do not have to spend the whole value on one shop.
If you gave the school a valid email address:
Add Edenred's email addresses to your email Address Book: and
Edenred will email you an eCode - copy or write down the code
Click the link or go to
Paste or type your code in the box 'enter unique code'
Follow the instructions - please see the attached help document.
If you did not give the school a valid email address:
Each Monday, school will print your food voucher
School will select Asda as the supermarket where you can spend your voucher
Edenred have provided guidance and help sheets to answer your questions - please see attached. 
School emails will be regularly check over the summer break:
Thank you,
Ms Ness