A day at the beach - July 2017
Oh we do like to be beside the seaside! Reception and Y1 children had  a fabulous day at the beach with their buddies, teachers and parent helpers.
Grandparents' Afternoon - June  2017
Grandparents were invited to school to see the  children's work.
Walker Park Bug Hunt - June 2017
Our intrepid explorers examined all the local wild-life.
Chicks in School - June  2017
We watched nine hens' eggs hatch and now the children are caring for the chicks. 
Ugly Bug Ball - May 2017
A host of creepy crawlies scurried and fluttered in the sunshine.
Tea@3 - Summer 2017
Children prepared a delicious afternoon tea before sitting down with their VIP guests for a cuppa and a chat about the day.
Stay & Pray - May 2017
Parents and pupils welcomed the Holy Spirit into their lives. Then, they blew bubbles to share their joy with the world.
Ouseburn Farm - May 2017
Everyone had a super day in the sunshine at the Farm. The children were introduced  to a range of animals and insects: all creatures  great and  small!
Stay & Pray -  Holy Week 2017
Pupils, parents and helpers remembered Jesus's sacrifice for mankind.  
Kirkley Hall - April 2017
To support their topic of Growing the children explored the gardens, woodland and mini-zoo.
Stay & Play - March 2017
Parents and carers did some clever counting and creative shape and space work with the children.
Fairy Tale Feast - February 2017
A host of fairy tale characters enjoyed a fabulous feast in Reception.
Stay & Play - February 2017
Reception parents/carers joined the children for an exciting English lesson. 10/10!
Tea @ 3 (Spring 2017)
VIP guests are invited to a  delicious spread of sandwiches, cake and fruit.
January 2017 -Seven Stories
The children enjoyed exploring the characters from traditional nursery rhymes.
December 2016 - The Christmas Nativity
The children retold the story of Jesus's birth for their families  and  friends.
Stay & Play - November 2016
Parents and carers enjoyed an afternoon of counting, calculating and recognising numbers.
Rain never stops play in Reception! Some children enjoyed the seasonal changes while others concentrated on construction.  
Stay and  Pray - November 2016
Adults and children gathered together to remember loved ones in Heaven.
Tea@3 Autumn1 2016
Our new Reception pupils made a tasty tea for their special guests.
Stay & Play October 2016
Parents and carers were thrilled to see how well the children had settled-in at St. Vincent's. 
Stay & Pray - October 2016
Parents, carers, children and staff gathered together to pray, sing and remember Jesus.
You've got a friend in me...Our Year 6 buddies  are always close at hand for the newest members of St. Vincent's family.