Ouseburn Farm - May 2018
Pupils, parents and teachers had a marvellous time learning about the animals.
Tea@3 - Summer1
Tasty treats are prepared for invited VIP guests.
Stay & Play - April 2018
Parents and pupils created Hungry Caterpillar pictures and sampled the juicy ripe fruit eaten by the Hungry Caterpillar too. 
Stay and Pray - March 2018
Family and friends helped the children plant sunflower seeds as they thought about 'growing'. Everyone remembered that Lent was a time to grow closer to Jesus. 
World Book Day - March 2018
The children celebrated World Book Day  on Thursday 1st March.
Tea@3 - Spring2
VIP guests enjoy a delicious afternoon tea prepared by the children.
Stay & Play - February 2018
Parents and carers joined the children in their classroom to read and talk about books.
Fairy Tale Feast - February 2018
All the fairy tale characters left their story books to enjoy a fabulous day at St. Vincent's.
Stay & Pray - February 2018
Parents, carers and pupils gathered together to celebrate through prayer, song and...cakes!
Seven Stories - January 2018
One crisp, snowy morning the excited children scrambled onto the bus and trundled down the steep hill to Seven Stories...
Stay & Play - January 2018
Pupils and parents found lots of interesting ways to work and play with numbers.
Tea@3 - Spring1
The children prepared a selection of tasty treats for their VIP guests.
Christmas Party -December 2017
On the last day of term we celebrated the birth of baby Jesus with a fun-filled Christmas party. 
The Nativity - December 2017
Retelling the story of Jesus's birth is a big responsibility. However, the children rose to the challenge and gave a spellbinding performance. Bravo!
Stay & Play - November 2917
The children and their parents/carers got messy with glitter and glue as they made sparkling Christmas tree decorations.
Children in Need Day - November 2017
The children devoured delicious cakes and guzzled creamy milkshakes all in aid of charity. 
Tea@3 - Autumn2
Invited guests enjoyed a delicious selection of tasty treats prepared by the children. 
Stay & Pray - November 2017
Together, the children and their parents/carers remembered their family, friends and pet who now live with Jesus in Heaven.
Stay & Play - October 2017
Parents and Carers joined the children for writing and mark-making.
Stay & Pray - October 2017
Parents, carers and family members joined the children and teachers in Reception for a special liturgy.
Buddy Liturgy - September 2017
Year 6 pupils led a very special liturgy to mark the start of their important role as buddies to our new Reception children.
Tea@3 - Autumn1
The children prepared an array of tasty treats for their VIP guests.
First Day at School - September 2017
Our super-smart Reception pupils enjoyed exploring their new classroom and play area. We are delighted they have joined St. Vincent's school-family.