A poem by Christina Rosetti for Reception's Ugly Bug Ball
Hurt no living thing, ladybird nor butterfly nor moth with dusty wing.
Nor cricket chirping cheerfully, nor grasshopper so light of leap,
Nor beetle fat, nor dancing gnat,
Nor silent worms that creep.
Stay & Pray - May 2018
Parents, carers, pupils and staff celebrated the Gifts of the Holy Spirit at their joyous Liturgy. 
Ouseburn Farm - May 2018
Pupils, parents and teachers had a marvellous time learning about the animals.
Tea@3 - Summer1
Tasty treats are prepared for invited VIP guests.
Stay & Play - April 2018
Parents and pupils created Hungry Caterpillar pictures and sampled the juicy ripe fruit eaten by the Hungry Caterpillar too.