A poem by Christina Rosetti for Reception's Ugly Bug Ball
Hurt no living thing, ladybird nor butterfly nor moth with dusty wing.
Nor cricket chirping cheerfully, nor grasshopper so light of leap,
Nor beetle fat, nor dancing gnat,
Nor silent worms that creep.
Stay & Pray - May 2018
Parents, carers, pupils and staff celebrated the Gifts of the Holy Spirit at their joyous Liturgy. 
Ouseburn Farm - May 2018
Pupils, parents and teachers had a marvellous time learning about the animals.
Tea@3 - Summer1
Tasty treats are prepared for invited VIP guests.
Stay & Play - April 2018
Parents and pupils created Hungry Caterpillar pictures and sampled the juicy ripe fruit eaten by the Hungry Caterpillar too. 
Stay and Pray - March 2018
Family and friends helped the children plant sunflower seeds as they thought about 'growing'. Everyone remembered that Lent was a time to grow closer to Jesus. 
World Book Day - March 2018
The children celebrated World Book Day  on Thursday 1st March.
Tea@3 - Spring2
VIP guests enjoy a delicious afternoon tea prepared by the children.
Stay & Play - February 2018
Parents and carers joined the children in their classroom to read and talk about books.
Fairy Tale Feast - February 2018
All the fairy tale characters left their story books to enjoy a fabulous day at St. Vincent's.
Stay & Pray - February 2018
Parents, carers and pupils gathered together to celebrate through prayer, song and...cakes!
Seven Stories - January 2018
One crisp, snowy morning the excited children scrambled onto the bus and trundled down the steep hill to Seven Stories...
Stay & Play - January 2018
Pupils and parents found lots of interesting ways to work and play with numbers.
Tea@3 - Spring1
The children prepared a selection of tasty treats for their VIP guests.
Christmas Party -December 2017
On the last day of term we celebrated the birth of baby Jesus with a fun-filled Christmas party. 
The Nativity - December 2017
Retelling the story of Jesus's birth is a big responsibility. However, the children rose to the challenge and gave a spellbinding performance. Bravo!
Stay & Play - November 2917
The children and their parents/carers got messy with glitter and glue as they made sparkling Christmas tree decorations.
Children in Need Day - November 2017
The children devoured delicious cakes and guzzled creamy milkshakes all in aid of charity. 
Tea@3 - Autumn2
Invited guests enjoyed a delicious selection of tasty treats prepared by the children. 
Stay & Pray - November 2017
Together, the children and their parents/carers remembered their family, friends and pet who now live with Jesus in Heaven.
Stay & Play - October 2017
Parents and Carers joined the children for writing and mark-making.
Stay & Pray - October 2017
Parents, carers and family members joined the children and teachers in Reception for a special liturgy.
Buddy Liturgy - September 2017
Year 6 pupils led a very special liturgy to mark the start of their important role as buddies to our new Reception children.
Tea@3 - Autumn1
The children prepared an array of tasty treats for their VIP guests.
First Day at School - September 2017
Our super-smart Reception pupils enjoyed exploring their new classroom and play area. We are delighted they have joined St. Vincent's school-family.