Following the government's announcement of a full return to school for all pupils in September, St. Vincent's is working closely with the Local Authority and Public Health to ensure robust safety measures are in place for children and staff. You will be informed of our September plans as soon as possible: safety is our first priority. Thank you.
Welcome to our website

Welcome to our website. Here you will find a raft of informative and interesting pages designed to keep you in-touch and up-to-date with life at St. Vincent’s RC Primary School. Whether you’re looking for the dates of the Christmas performances, a copy of the school’s e-Safety Policy, the names of school governors or details of our latest SATs results, you’ll find it here. And of course, an e-copy of the school’s weekly newsletter is always published on the home page.  

Whilst the website offers a window into school life it does not replace the personal service we provide for our learning community. Please contact the school, by email, phone or in person, with any questions and queries you may have: we are always happy to help.  

We hope you find the website helpful and easy to navigate.  

Please note: the text can be translated into a different language by clicking on the 'Select Language' tab above. 

Year 6, gone but never forgotten because you will remain in our hearts, thoughts and prayers forever. 
Here is an edited version of your Primary School story. God bless.

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